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So you may have heard of several different front end frameworks, and that is probably because there are a few that deserve your attention! Front end frameworks help your site feel more interactive, and they handle the interactions with the back end to make the user experience super buttery smooth! Most of them use Javascript to some extent so that you can modify the DOM on the fly. React is certainly super popular right now, it was made by Facebook and is very widely used. Angular is also widely used and it was made by Google. But there is an…

So you have started a git repository and you are using good practices to have version control on your new project, that’s great! But now, you want to work with someone else on their project, and not just pair programming. You both want to be able to work on different parts of the project, then you want to squish them together when you are done! Well thankfully git can help with this too!

When you embark on your coding journey, one thing is inevitable, you will type A LOT! I often think that if I am gonna do something a lot, I might as well be good at it. Following this idea, I thought I should start working on my typing form and my speed! I changed some habits so that I was utilizing all of my fingers more effectively and I would play on websites like so I could type super fast. While I never got that fast, I had a lot of fun and I did get a bit faster…

So you have started a new project, congratulations!! It’s a very exciting time when you get to break into some new ideas and some new code, but let’s not forget to be smart about it. We have to make sure to save all of our changes so that we can keep track of what we have done. While just regularly saving your files is a good start, we want a little more than that.

Coding your own website is a daunting activity. There are countless things to get right to make sure it works. You have to get a database, forms, authentication, cookies, sessions, etc etc. The list is endless. But after you get a website that works perfectly, you realize, it doesn’t look so hot. Even adding basic styling to your website can be a massive headache. Getting the perfect alignment, borders, colors, or anything else can take hours. Sometimes just having a library of different styled buttons, forms, and navigation menus could save you a massive headache. …

Ben Wichser

Mechanical Engineer turned Software Developer, making clean fast code and open for work!

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